Camera Medicale Color Realite HD MKC-ILOREAL




UN VRAI RENDU DES COULEURS en FULL HD ! MICROSCOPIE , ENDOSCOPIE, IMPLANTS DENTAIRES, TELEMEDECINE … The IKEGAMI real true colour reproduction camera is the latest development based on the ILOREAL technology and highly sensitive 3CMOS sensor head. Each sensor utilize 3 Megapixel technology. The camera outputs Full HD (1920×1080) pictures at 30 frames pers econd through DVI or Cameralink interface. The ILOREAL technology enables to capture all of the colour information within CIE1931 XYZ color space based on a newly developed prism block. The visible colour range can be grabbed by the Ikegami ILOREAL technology and then the image is displayed AS TRUE TO LIFE AS POSSIBLE. ILOREAL TECHNOLOGY The camera has a high sensitivity to the tristimulus values (X,Y and Z) of a colour. The tristimulus values are the three parameters that define a colour.