ICD-879P Camera d’Ophtalmologie




CAMERA 1/2″ HAUTE RÉSOLUTION & Performance JOUR/NUITRésolution 540 Lignes TV en couleur / 570 lignes TV en Noir et BlancPOUR CERTAINES APPLICATIONS EN OPHTALMOLOGIEPar exemple pour Voir, Filmer et Enregistrer des images ou vidéos sur Objectif Carl Zeiss True Day/Night FunctionWell designed moving IR cut filter system, inter-connected with the Automatic Gain Control system makes the ICD-879 series the ideal Day and Night TV camera, capable of providing a high quality crisp picture reproduction with 570TVL horizontal resolution under ultra low light conditions down to an amazing 0.011lux minimum scene illumination performance.Privacy Screen MaskingThe ICD-879 series comes with an 8 zone privacy masking function, managed by the rear control panel locally, or remotely via I-LAN over RS-485 link. Each zone has a minimum 8 pixel square sized area. This provides pin-point accuracy to cover sensitive areas that need to remain unseen.Remote and Local Setup FunctionsCamera ID numbering, Day/Night Change-over and thresh hold control, Auto White Balance, Detail Correction Management, Sync System Selection, Electronic Sensitivity and Shutter controls, BLC On Off and Spot area setting, etc. All these are controllable, either locally via the camera rear panel switch array, or remotely via I-LAN software over RS-485 link. This makes the ICD-879 series the ideal tool for integrated system applications were high quality visual information management is required.Intelligent BLC-Back Light CompensationWell-designed back light compensation facility allows the user to designate two desired areas in a screen to provide compensation for strong back light conditions, resulting in an optimum balanced clear picture reproductiont.High Sensitivity and Low Smear NoiseImproved interline transfer CCD performance allows a much wider sensitivity from the visible to the near infra-red spectrums to provide better picture reproduction under low light conditions. The improved DSP, digital signal processing circuit permits good Signal-to-Noise ratio with good performance of -126dB(ICD-879P/879) vertical pixel overload protection to suppress the vertical smear that occurs with intense strong light sources.Electronic Sensitivity ControlAs the ICD-879P/879 is equipped with an electronic sensitivity control function of up to 32 times, it covers the scene which requires high sensitivity.Ratings/Performance